Every year, the NCAA is committed to leaving a legacy for all communities that host a championship. It is important to focus on not just those who attend the game but the wider community.

For the 2021 Men's Final Four, the NCAA has worked alongside the Indianapolis Local Organizing Committee to host a number of youth and sustainability programs, including an upgrade to a local community center through its Legacy Restoration Project.

The NCAA, Degree, and the Indianapolis Local Organizing Committee have selected the Boys & Girls Club LeGore Unit for the Legacy Restoration Project. The location was chosen based on need in the neighborhood and commitment of the club to provide accessible programming to residents nearby. Basketball is the heart of this center and is a unifying place on and off the court for this neighborhood.

The project includes construction updates to the basketball rims and goals, flooring, scoreboard, wall padding, and a custom mural and paint. The mural will be painted by local artist Nekoda Witsken in the facility. Through this initiative, the library facility at Legore will also be refurbished with new furniture and carpet.

Nearly 75 backpacks filled with schools supplies and Degree product, in addition to 40 basketballs, will also be donated to participants at LeGore.

The community thanks Unilever for their investment of more than $100,000 in renovations. The project will be revealed on March 25, 2021.