Indianapolis Local Organizing Committee Leadership

  • Image of Quinn Buckner

    Quinn Buckner

    Co-Chair, Final Four

  • Image of Katie Douglas

    Katie Douglas

    Co-Chair, Final Four

  • Image of Mitch Daniels

    Mitch Daniels

    Co-Chair, Final Four

  • Image of Jennifer Pope Baker

    Jennifer Pope Baker

    Board Chair, March Madness

Indiana Sports Corp

  • Image of Ryan Vaughn

    Ryan Vaughn


  • Image of Patrick Talty

    Patrick Talty

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Image of Melissa Thompson

    Melissa Thompson

    Chief Community Officer

  • Image of Craig Yust

    Craig Yust

    Senior Director, Events

  • Image of Caleb Kolby

    Caleb Kolby

    Manager, Events

  • Image of Molly Wright

    Molly Wright

    Senior Director, Youth Programming

  • Image of Sarah Myer

    Sarah Myer

    Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

  • Image of Mike Karnuta

    Mike Karnuta

    Sr. Vice President, Business Development

  • Image of Brett Kramer

    Brett Kramer

    Director, Public Relations

  • Image of Connor O’Malia

    Connor O’Malia

    Graphic Design Specialist

  • Image of Ashleigh Newbold

    Ashleigh Newbold

    Director, Events

  • Image of Mikela Earley

    Mikela Earley

    Director, Events

  • Image of Megan Barr

    Megan Barr

    Volunteer Manager

  • Image of Shannon Sullivan

    Shannon Sullivan

    Director, Statewide Initiatives & Events

  • Image of Craig Lippincott

    Craig Lippincott

    Senior Director, Business Development

  • Image of Angela Hatem

    Angela Hatem

    Director, Membership Sales and Services

  • Image of Sam Elmore

    Sam Elmore

    Business Development Manager

  • Image of Sandy Bryant-Willis

    Sandy Bryant-Willis

    Chief Talent Officer

  • Image of Brad Bowman

    Brad Bowman

    Sr. Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

  • Image of Lisa Wright-Minter

    Lisa Wright-Minter

    Executive Assistant

  • Image of Lynn Burger

    Lynn Burger

    Director, Financial Services

  • Image of Melinda Bowles

    Melinda Bowles

    Office Manager, Internship Coordinator

  • Image of Tracy Grady

    Tracy Grady

    Manager, Financial Services

  • Image of Waleed Al-Hamed

    Waleed Al-Hamed

    Coordinator, Promotions & Marketing

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