Indy Welcome Letters

The Indianapolis Host Committee is committed to creating special moments and lasting memories for the 68 teams participating in March Madness. We hope you will help us with a letter writing campaign to welcome and celebrate these teams as they embark on a historic tournament! Letters must be received by March 8.

Here’s how you can share your words with our special guests:

  • Download and print one (or all!) of the letter templates below.
  • For handwritten notes, print the letter and put pen to paper. Drawings are also welcome!
  • For digital notes, open the template, start typing in the editable field, and save your work.
  • Returning letters by email is preferred. Simply attach your file and send to: *If you have a handwritten letter, please scan it or take a photo and email it.
  • If needed, letters can be mailed to:
    Indiana Sports Corp
    Attn: March Madness Letters
    115 W. Washington St., Suite 1400, South Tower
    Indianapolis, IN 46204

Requests for your letter:

  • Please sign your First Name & Last Initial.
  • It is optional to include a descriptor in your signature, for example: your year in school, your hometown, or “Indiana Sports Corp Volunteer.”
  • Do not write to specific teams or individuals.
  • Messages and drawings should be kept to the front page of the template.

Use your own creativity or one of the suggested prompts to write a message:

  • I love watching college basketball because…
  • Motivational quote or words of encouragement
  • Congratulations, you made it! This year is special because…

Letter Templates: